Thursday, April 9, 2009 4/9/2009 1200pm

I talked to a Finn with stranger-chat. He was really nice.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hey!
You: Hey man!
You: What's up?
Stranger: nothing much
Stranger: u?
You: the usual
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: from?
You: Seattle
Stranger: cool
You: how about you?
Stranger: Helsinki Finland, far away
You: Finland is awesome
Stranger: have u been here?
You: I really want to go
You: and I own a nokia
Stranger: u should, its nice
Stranger: cool
Stranger: i've always wanted to go to seattle
You: I studied scandinavia in college
Stranger: cool
You: seattle is real nice
You: lots of Finns
Stranger: wow, i did'nt know
Stranger: is it summer over there?
You: spring
Stranger: here its still cold
You: cloudy and a bit of rain
Stranger: we have still some snow
Stranger: :D
You: how do you feel about Karelia?
Stranger: well, its sad because it was part of our culture...but nothing you can do about it
You: yeah, it is sad
Stranger: we still want it back:D but its impossible
You: Russian would never give it back
Stranger: no they wont
Stranger: they've ruined it, they dumped nuclear waste there
You: oh really?
You: that is terrible
Stranger: yes, it was on the news
Stranger: long time ago but still
You: yeah, that is really awful
Stranger: the lakes are toxic now
Stranger: but we still have our beautiful nature over here
Stranger: thousanda of lakes
You: there is a river near seattle that had a nuclear power plant on it
Stranger: thousands
Stranger: oh?
You: and it got really contaminated
Stranger: thats sad
You: yeah, it was near an indian resevation too
Stranger: oh, that sucks
You: so what drove you to talk to strangers?
Stranger: i don't know...first time here, but it seems there are a lot of idiots here, you not of course
You: haha, yeah
You: its easy to be an idiot when its anonymous
Stranger: but i like to learn more about people and other countries
Stranger: true
You: I am really interested in why people talk to strangers
Stranger: yeah?so whats you theory?
You: I don't think people do so enough
You: I work in a museum
Stranger: true, they never do on the streets, but here it's so easy
You: and my job is to get people to interact with eachother
Stranger: its funny
You: I know!
Stranger: oh, cool
You: so this is like a safe place
Stranger: yeah, funny indeed
Stranger: imagine how the world would be if we would talk like this outside, face to face?
You: I think th world woould be a much better place
Stranger: thats so true
Stranger: we acctually have much in common with other people, it doesnt matter wat country, sex or culture
Stranger: what
You: I think talking to strangers is the best way to get new views, and at the same time understand how similar we all really are
You: exactly
Stranger: but in our country it would be considered strange and weird to talk to some stranger
You: Same in the US
Stranger: yes, i get your point
Stranger: this is a good idea
You: The only people who really talk to strangers on the street are considered "crazy"
Stranger: this website
Stranger: true, how has that happened?
You: I think people are just nervous about interacting with others
You: especially outside
You: it is different in a bar, or at a party
Stranger: yeah, its funny that we need alcohol to talk to people
Stranger: ridiculous if you think about it
You: it is!
You: When I meet someone friendly on the street and have a conversation it makes me feel so good
You: but at a bar, it feels forced until you're both drunk
Stranger: thats happens so rarely nowadays, but thats makes it even more special
Stranger: true
Stranger: sorry abouy my english, its not so perfect:D
Stranger: about
You: its really good, actually
Stranger: have you met any finns before?
You: A few, yeah
You: I work with some
Stranger: i've met a couple, and also someone from australia
Stranger: oh cool
You: and lots come to my museum
Stranger: so you know some finnish already
You: hah, no way
Stranger: :D
You: but I read the kalevala
Stranger: cool
You: Okay man, I need to go to work
Stranger: i hate when people start with asl, and then disconnect after that:D
You: thanks for talking to me!
Stranger: ok, no problem, seetake care
Stranger: Buy
You: Talk to someone on the street for me
You: :)
Stranger: i will
Stranger: :D

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